Give me the Internet, Iota Master

    It so happened that on a working need I got a MobileWiMAX modem from the famous company Yota. I will tell you, dear readers, about my impression.

    Let's start with the modem made by Samsung for Yota under OS GNU / Linux. It so happened historically that I do not use alternative OSs at all, such as MacOSX or Microsoft Windows in work and everyday life, but work exclusively under GNU / Linux (specifics of work and personal worldviews). Thanks to the guys from the MadWiMAX team, they wrote a driver supporting iota modems under GNU / Linux. I tried to collect it under Gentoo at home on a large laptop, but I didn’t need it there, but it didn’t get together, because I wanted something strange, I wanted to convert my mana somewhere, but I didn’t find what, and when I found what I didn’t understand how to do this, but it’s not about that.
    On an official netbook I use eeebuntu, because I consider the ideas strange to put a user on a Gentoo netbook on a working machine. The packages for Ubuntu GNU / Linux were found, delivered, and everything immediately went up and worked. Respect Yota and the driver development team.
    One can talk about hardware on this, unless you can make an addition, that sometimes, every few days, in spite of a more or less stable connection, the connection disappears somewhere before the modem is distorted.

    Now I’ll tell you a story about coverage, speed and other delights.
    Coating. There are several places where coverage is critical for me, on Ugreshskaya, where our office is located, on Voikovskaya, where I live, and a couple of points. I checked not only in them and I saw a problem: on Ugreshskaya, although it is shown on the map, how the place of good coverage in our building itself is caught only on the window, and even then on a specific one, the speed is from 1 to 3 megabits per second, at home The 2nd Novopodmoskovskiy Lane is better caught, the speed is the same, in the city center it’s something sad, in my favorite pub Belfast isn’t caught at all, although it was on Novokuznetskaya, in the cafe on Kitai Gorod where I checked but it was bad, the speed is less than megabit, only the window has a signal. In the park on the same Voykovskaya where I live, it was caught much better than at home and the speed was at a peak of up to 6 megabits per second.
    Other delights are of course the fall of Iota (more precisely, the fall of the billing system, as I understand it, expressed in the inaccessibility of my personal account) on the day the commercial operation begins. Colleagues don’t do it, it was better to prepare.

    The general conclusions of a third-party person from the
    Yota provider: 1. The good
    start 2. Even coverage in Moscow needs to be developed
    3. At the moment it cannot be used as the main channel
    4. For the backup channel, 900 rubles a month is a bit much (especially considering the next point)
    5. It is necessary to provide real IP to users as quickly as possible.

    Well, somehow. If anyone wants details, then ask questions. Ready to answer :)


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