Nokia has announced the start of an exciting quest game, the winner of which is waiting for the Nokia N97 mobile computer. In total, 97 Nokia N97 devices are hidden in the world and one of the devices can be found in Moscow.
    The newspaper “F5” has become the official information partner of “Nokia” in conducting the game - it is in it that the “KEYS” are encrypted, which will help one of the most attentive, quick-witted and quick lucky ones to get the coveted Nokia N97!


    Stage 1. “We are looking for three keys”
    The first two “keys” can be found in number 16 of the F5 newspaper (June 15, 2009).

    Answer two questions:

    1. Even without knowing that the company's slogan will be “connecting people”, Nokia at the dawn of its formation produced precisely this material, which allows a person to express himself creatively. (one word)

    2. If you find on the Internet a video about how Nokia N97 was created, you will find out that this person was the designer of Nokia N97. (name and surname)

    Read carefully the entire No. 16 of the F5 newspaper, find the words-answers in the texts, cut them out and wait for the next, 17th issue of F5 (dated June 22, 2009).

    You will find the third key in issue 17 of the F5 newspaper (June 22, 2009).

    On the pages of the publication there is a graphic rebus.
    Answer the question: What is the name of the interface element, a mini-application written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript that displays information from a specific site?
    Find this word, encrypted in pictures, in the newspaper. We remind you that this is a graphic REBUS!
    Cut the image you want.

    Stage 2. "Meeting with the Guardian."
    Collect all the keys, stick them on paper.

    June 22 at 22.00 at the Central entrance to TsPKiO them. Gorky will be waiting for you Guardian.
    You need to be the first to find and recognize the person who is the Nokia N97 Keeper and show him the keys: if all of them are correct, then you will receive a Nokia N97 multimedia computer as a reward.

    The hunt has begun!

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