New travel service

    What is a product or service?

    [] is a travel portal of an international level, offering a unique web service for tourists from all over the world - an opportunity in one place, with a minimum of time, in an accessible mode, to obtain the necessary and high-quality information about tourist sites, routes, countries, book hotel, order air and train tickets, pick up a tour, find a travel companion, on the one hand; to express oneself, make feedback, give an assessment through communication (tourist social network), on the other hand. [] - this is a service for professionals (promotion of a tourism product) and tourists (sales of a tourism product through on-line booking and development of a tourist Internet community, a global social network of users.

    What market problem does he solve?

    To book a tour, hotel, cruise or tickets, a Russian tourist now has to turn to several agents (offline sales) or travel sites for information to get complete, reliable and necessary information. The latter can be very difficult to do, since the information offered to travelers is sometimes no longer relevant, does not answer tourists' frequently asked questions, and does not reflect both the positive and negative aspects of vacationing at world resorts. Everywhere you can find thousands of resources, stuffed with outdated and duplicate content, which is often promoted by tour search systems, catalogs of hotels and resorts. Search and booking forms of tours lead users to descriptions of hotels presented in one database, often showing only the name of the hotel and the message that "hotel information is temporarily absent." Which is not an on-line reservation at all.

    And the photographs proposed for review were taken many years ago in low quality.
    The tourism market today has created favorable conditions for the development of innovative online solutions - the sale of tour packages, a quick search for travel services and the development of thematic user-generated content. Many of these innovations include primarily the new online features of Web 2.0. In essence, the term Travel 2.0 can be applied to them - for the reason that Web 2.0 practitioners are actively penetrating the tourism business. Today it’s not enough to be just a passive user of traditional Web 1.0 sites with static information. The project [] solves the problem of the market of online tourism services by introducing innovative Web 2.0 solutions.

    What do users get?

    Blogs, social networks of contacts, forums, services for storing and sharing photos and videos are all sites that we visit regularly. However, we use several resources instead of one full. On one site we read useful information, on the other we speak in our favorite community, and on the third we order services. When implementing the project [], users receive a single international resource.

    Before going on a trip, a tourist will be able to view photos of a proposed vacation destination at, look for reviews or videos about hotels, compare prices of various travel agencies, view routes drawn up and added by other travelers, download an audio guide, buy tickets, find out on-line availability places, book a hotel, and returning from a trip to share your comments and impressions.

    Business model (advertising, service)

    [] is a travel service whose resources can be used as platforms for conducting large-scale advertising campaigns of a high degree of efficiency on the Internet.
    Platforms for advertising campaigns

    • B2B Group - resources, visitors to which are exclusively professionals in the tourism business - employees of travel agencies, tour operator companies, etc.
    • В2С Group - resources, visitors of which are both professionals of the tourist industry, and the end users of the services they provide are tourists.

    Areas of activity

    • providing advertising platforms and content for legal entities;
    • the provision of services (hotel reservations, tours, booking air and train tickets, excursions, ordering vehicles);

    Sources of income

    • providing advertising platforms - 40%;
    • selling content - 30%;
    • the provision of tourist services (hotel reservations, tours, booking air and train tickets, excursions, ordering transport, visas) - 30%;

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