Ubiquity + habrahabr

    One of the firefox features without which I will be lonely on any other browser is Ubiquity .
    And one of the most valuable features of Ubiquity is a dynamic hint, like I'm typing something, and the Ubiquity script already shows the result.

    A couple of months ago, when I got serious hub-addiction, I climbed to check the hub every 5 minutes =) Of course, you can stick a tool to check and configure it for an interval of 5 minutes, but I wanted the opportunity to quickly look at the site on demand. On demand because the rhythm of work is torn, I sit for several hours in the code, sometimes a free minute or two is issued.

    UPD: I apologize for the broken code, the culprit is deprived of ice cream for the weekend, the working version is under the cut. =)
    UPD2: At the request of the esteemed khizhaster, added resource habr-new. In order for habr-new to work for those who already have a script, you must reinstall the script and restart the firefox.

    As compensation for the beaten code - a small but very useful ubiquity script gist.github.com/114732 for web developers - cleanCache, cleans the cache (and nothing more) without tedious ticking in the "Clear private data ..." window.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. put ubiquity
    2. follow the link gist.github.com/115679 (posted on github so that it won’t fight because of copy-paste)
    3. press the button in the upper right
    4. agree to everything =)

    Instructions for use:
    1. in the address bar, press CTRL + SPACE (or whatever you have to call Ubiquity)
    2. type “look habr”
    3. PROFIT !!!

    The code works for a Habr and for a friend feed, it is easy to add any other resource giving rss.

    PS By the way, I will be glad to any suggestions / comments. =)

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