Speakplace - the second coming is delayed, we are looking for fighters in the team

    And now, almost 5 months have passed since the publication of our prototype Speakplace.ru online voice conference service.

    And in order to warm up your interest in the project, dear habituators, we decided to share with you the current situation on the battlefield.

    After the publication of our first article , we received a bright response, many conferences were created and many recommendations and wishes were written. We took all the criticism, analyzed all the wishes and suggestions, put them together and began work on a new, stable version of the service.

    First of all, we decided to abandon such a clear minimalism in design and switched to a more “familiar” format for the eye, thought out the interface and now the layouts are at the “combing” stage.
    The logo has also undergone minor changes, now it looks like this:

    But in the middle of the way we had a problem. For life's sake, we lost the main programmer, whom we were counting on. Just at the moment when, in fact, his part of the work was to begin. And now we are in search of a talented web developer.

    1) You have experience in developing complex startups,
    2) You are a really talented web developer,
    3) You are interested in our project, you believe in it and are ready to work for it so that it works for you later,
    4) You think not like everyone else,
    5) you like to break stereotypes, then respond!

    We need you!
    And if you are also from St. Petersburg, you can rest assured that we will make friends :)

    Send us a short resume where a couple of words will be written about you (age, where do you live, what do you do), your best works are shown, your skills are described and briefly it is written why you want to participate in our startup.
    We are also always open to any offers.
    Contact address: speakplace@gmail.com

    Talents, we need you! Together we will create a new format for communication on the Internet.

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