Taiwan: iPad - Free, Case - $ 1,000

    Selling Apple tablets in Taiwan is illegal (authorities in the Republic of China have not yet issued a license to Apple). Therefore, businessmen have to look for workarounds and apply unusual marketing schemes.

    For example, on the Yahoo Auctions website, you can find an iPad case for 32,000 new Taiwan dollars (approximately $ 1,042).

    Although in normal online stores the same case costs 30 times cheaper, here it is one of the most popular products. The fact is that the iPad 64 GB with WiFi and 3G is free of charge attached to the case.

    Official officials have already commentedthat selling an iPad in this way is still a violation of the law. However, they cannot make claims to the Yahoo Auctions website and withdraw the goods from sale, because formally the auction service does not sell Apple products.

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