Platform - 2010. Day Two

    The first part of the experience is available here .

    The annual platform 2010 conference finished its work yesterday. After two busy days of work, you can summarize some of the results.

    On the second day, I attended reports on Visual Studio, C # and ASP.NET 4.0, Silverlight 3 and Windows Mobile 6.5. I want to dwell on them in more detail.

    Windows Mobile 6.5 is a powerful platform for creating an attractive and functional interface in your mobile applications

    The talk talked about the UI Framework, the Gesture API for creating interactive applications, and how to create Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5.

    Widgets is a small application developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript that implements some logic, for example, a widget for converting exchange rates, displaying weather, etc.

    The widget should consist of the following files:
    * HTML file with your logic
    * manifest file in XML format
    * icon of your widget (if not, then the standard one will be used)

    Then create a * .zip archive and rename the permission to * .widget. Then you can install it on a device running on Windows Mobile 6.5. You can find out more about this in the video report on techdays.ruor read here .

    ASP.NET 4.0, MVC Framework 2.0, and Visual Studio 2010

    This was probably the most interesting report for me in terms of professional activities. But, besides, it was necessary to go to him at least in order to listen to Gaidar Magdanorov. Despite the fact that I already attended a similar report, I learned a lot about ASP.NET. For web application developers, “must see”, or download a presentation that contains all the technology innovations.

    Much has been written about the innovations before, so I won’t duplicate them - a little later everything will be seen personally from the report or presentation.

    Developing Modern Windows Applications - Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0

    The report was devoted to the latest WPF 4.0 technology. A small emphasis was placed on Microsoft's own projects written in WPF (Expression line, Visual Studio, players, etc.). Improved WPF editor in Visual Studio, Expression got the opportunity to work with TFS.

    The new version has improved font rendering at low resolutions, and the new WPF also supports all the new features of Windows 7. But most of all I liked the multitouch support (a video about this can be seen on channel9 ), and we can read how it looks programmatically here . I liked the fact that you do not need to write a lot of code for this.

    Visual Studio 2010 - A New Generation of Accelerated Application Development Tools

    A good report in essence - reports for managers, UML diagrams, improved capabilities for testing applications and much more. Those who are involved not so much in development, but in project management, must watch.

    Silverlight 3. Comprehensive platform overview

    In the report, Mikhail Chernomordikov spoke about the possibility of working outside the browser, Smooth Streaming technology, working with 3D and creating business applications. But most of all, this report was remembered for a large number of demonstrations, especially the one where FireFox, Opera, Ghrome and Safari became friends with Silverlight. 4 browsers were built according to the principle: two on the top and two on the bottom, each of them contained the same Silverlight application, inside of which the balls ran randomly. The whole joke is that the balloon that flew outside the borders in one browser appeared in another from the place where it flew from the previous one. Thus, the illusion was created that all 4 browsers work as one window. This was made possible thanks to the ability to communicate Silverlight-applications among themselves.

    Silverlight performance compared to other technologies is available at .

    Programming Models and Microsoft .NET 4.0 Platform

    A very interesting and useful report, they talked about:
    * transition from the imperative principle of development to declarative (lambda expressions, LINQ, attributes)
    * parallel programming (PLINQ, Parallel Extensions)
    * Code Contracts
    * Managed Extensibility Framework

    Very high-quality examples, though not all with the latter so clearly understood the first time. I highly recommend it to developers for viewing and studying.

    The final

    At the very end, certificates for the purchase of licensed software from the site were played out among the conference participants . I want to reassure everyone who did not manage to win a certificate, because on the website you will find many more discounts and promotions :) Joking as a joke, but the ending was very fun and memorable.

    In the end, I would like to thank the organizers and speakers for two excellent days under the name “Platform - 2010”!

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