American Media Profitability

    This is a graph from the 2014 News Landscape: Transformation or Death. (Formulation of a game plan in the digital era) . " The study was conducted by Penelope Abernathy and Richard Foster, presented at Yale University. Among the most obvious tips on how to survive in the new era is to get rid of the costs inherited from the old business models, re-form the community around the network, create new sources of income on the network that replace the old ones - only this schedule deserves attention. Why? Yes, because it demonstrates the profitability of securities of American media companies in comparison with the 500 leading companies according to Standard & Poor.
    As you can see on the graph, the profitability of traditional media is rapidly falling. Large media conglomerates also dipped a little, but generally repeat the dynamics of the top five hundred, so their situation is still stable (I believe, due to business diversification). But the most important thing: niche media have not sagged, their profitability is higher than all in their sector.

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