Aeroflot Transportation rules

    I want to talk about how I recently found myself in a rather usual situation for me encountered a rather unusual position from the Russian airline Aeroflot.

    Having agreed on two vacation days, I got a weekend from November 4 to 8 and decided to fly home to the Siberian city of Tyumen. Having a bad experience with Sky Express, this time I decided to use the largest airline in Russia, Aeroflot, imagining it to be a solid and reliable office.

    I ordered myself round-trip tickets St. Petersburg-Moscow-Tyumen for a modest 8 thousand rubles. For comparison, I can say that this is the same amount for which I could fly with SkyExpress and one third cheaper than the flight with S7 airline.

    As always, nothing portended trouble, check-in was on time and I went to the hall to wait for boarding the plane. Twenty minutes before the departure time, the landing did not start. There is no electronic board in this hall of Pulkovo airport, and the speaker announcing the start of the landing treacherously silent.
    I was always upset by the notification at Russian airports of passengers about flight delays, and I honestly got used to it. As a result, the departure was delayed by 40 minutes, but then I was calm and thought that I would have time for my transit flight to Tyumen. I started to worry, when I was waiting for the ladder to feed for 10 minutes, I looked at my watch and saw precious minutes running away. As a result, approaching the arrival building of Sheremetyevo-1, I saw how people were getting on the bus very close and thought it was most likely my flight. Having run to the transit counter ...

    ... A part was skipped ... (short summary: I was late for the flight. The next exactly one day. Check-in at the hotel. Booking another airline ticket in the morning. Transfer from Sheremetyego to Domodedovo.)

    As a responsible person, I decided to call Aeroflot and inform that I would not fly them flight (which by that time had to wait even more than 15 hours) and I should not look at the hotel, because I already checked out.

    Imagine my surprise when the woman on the line informed me that if I did not take their flight in 15 hours, then my return ticket would be canceled. My surprise could not be expressed in words: the airline delayed the flight makes me wait a day, and when I am ready to incur losses and buy another ticket, it deprives me of the ticket back.
    More than once I traveled for flights through my fault and for transit flights due to delays of other airlines, but no one ever deprived me of a return ticket, because I did not use the ticket there.

    As a result, my additional expenses for air travel amounted to another 8t.r., and Aeroflot returned me 2500 rubles for a canceled return ticket.

    I don’t even know if the avaricious pays toli twice, if this could happen to everyone.

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