Big song of a small person or Big sediment from hosting

    When I was about to publish this story, I saw in the Computerra magazine an interesting article called "The Big Song of a Little Man . " I will give it in part: The

    life of a mere mortal consumer is a rather cruel thing. Each of us risks dozens of times a day (and, as a rule, runs into) poor or very poor service, and our ability to influence the situation is usually quite modest. The maximum that the average consumer is capable of is to break the contract and, feeling like a people's avenger, turn to a competitor. To swear, to scandal, to demand his own. We are above that.

    But not always. An extremely successful example of beautiful consumer revenge began in July 2009 and continues to this day. In March 2008, Dave Carroll, guitarist for the second-rate music band Sons of Maxwell, flew from Halifax to Omaha with a change in Chicago. Dave, as expected, handed over his luggage, therefore, when after landing in Chicago he heard from his neighbor “God, they’re throwing guitars there,” his heart skipped a beat. However, the stewardess said that such matters should not be solved with her, but with the “agent outside”, the agent said that he was not an agent, but simply passed by - in general, the problem, as often happens, was blabbed, so Dave with the guitar flew to Omaha, and Dave arrived completely safe, but the guitar was much less lucky - 710 Taylor for $ 3,500 crashed on the way.

    Dave found a breakdown the next day, but he was able to contact the United Airlines representative office only after a week. The mission told him that Dave should file a complaint where his journey began in Halifax.

    From instance to instance, Dave was played for another nine months. Finally, his patience snapped. Hearing “no, we won’t pay you compensation” (and the repair cost $ 1200). Dave promised a United employee to write three songs about her misadventures. The first of them - United Breaks Guitars - appeared on YouTube on July 6, 2009, the second on August 18.

    More than five million people have watched United Breaks Guitars. According to Times Online, in the first four days after the video was posted on YouTube, the company's shares fell ten percent, which cost the shareholders $ 180 million (though it has not been proved that this has any connection with the song).) Carroll's first attempt markedly ruined the life of the offenders. But he helped himself a lot more, because the song United breaks guitars unexpectedly led the top country and western in British Junes, and indeed, from a musician almost unknown to the general public, Dave suddenly turned into the same guy who did United.

    I don’t know what morality can be in all this. Fly Aeroflot Airplanes? Never check in your luggage? Any failure threatens to turn into success? ...

    Our situation is painfully familiar, so let me tell you a big song on behalf of a small person who got into an unpleasant situation with The purpose of this topic is the desire to warn other people from the desire to cooperate with these people.

    I must say right away that Regfor prepared the main text , since I had to restore sites after this story, for which I express gratitude.

    So, let's go ...

    I heard many times that you should not use Ukrainian (as well as Russian and other in the CIS) hosting providers.

    But I thought that others just accidentally came across such inadequate providers. Now I think differently. Since I ran into inadequacy with a well-known and, at first glance, a good provider.

    We hosted several sites (, and TechPosters, about which we already wrote on the hub).

    They ordered hosting from the provider at its base rate. The basic tariff implies uptime of 99% and unlimited traffic. If you look at Wikipedia , then uptime of 99% means the site is unavailable for a maximum of 15 minutes a day.

    For a while, the site worked well. Not yet been popular. When 300 people began to visit the site daily, then the problems began. And the problems were in the constant departure of the site in - Service Unavailable (comments on this problem can be seen in the announcement of techposters, the cord just lay on the site). And since this began to happen all the time, we decided to contact the hoster.

    At the first ticket to support, we were told that everything was fixed and everything will be fine. But a week later the site began to fly out again.

    On the second ticket to those support they explained the problem:

    Q: Good afternoon! Very often, when the site loads, the message “Service Unavailable” is displayed.
    A: Hello. When was the last time?
    Q: Today I personally caught times 4. Last time - 15 minutes ago.
    A: 15 minutes ago - this means that your site has exceeded the CPU utilization threshold allocated for your TP.
    Q: Are there any restrictions on the use of the CPU? Previously, the site did not crash all the
    more so often.
    A: We were forced to deliver, because when it didn’t stand, since with one load too much for one user, all sites fly out. Now, if you are exceeding heavily the load, your pool restarts.

    Those. it turns out there is a restriction on the CPU, only attendance per day was around 300-400 users on average, well, of course there were peaks up to 1000-3000. And immediately the question begs. After all, when hosting was ordered from them, then there could be no talk of any restrictions. And how can a hoster solve a problem? Order them another server or CPU. But then it’s easier to put such a server at home, and not to them. Those. the essence of hoster services, as I understand it, is precisely not to think about the server, administration, and that it lacks something there.

    After some time I had to turn to those again. support. But at the same time, it has already been noticed by many users that the site is crashing even with 3-5 users online. In addition, the hoster, and they did not know this, hosted 3 sites and they all behaved unpredictably and crashed to Service Unavailable, but their attendance was at the level of 10 users per day. Here is a ticket from those support:

    Q: I’ve written the same requirement for the fifth time - the site crashes often and issues Service Unavailable. When there were 5-10 users a day, it was normal, but when the number is 1000-3000 users, this is already critical. I tried to allocate a separate pool - the site begins to behave unpredictably - authentication crashes, posts are not added, an error page crashes. Read / write permissions on some directories were also set, which also did not help. Please do not offer the option with site optimization, since the site engine was tested for load testing. In addition, 4-5 people online cannot fill up the server.

    Please fix this problem, as the current hosting situation is extremely unsatisfactory.

    A: Local testing is not a real use, since we cannot give you all the server resources completely. They are limited and if the limit is exceeded, your pool restarts, which was previously written to you. In order for it to be the same as on the local machine, you need a dedicated server. So you need to either optimize the engine so that with 1000-3000 users there is no overload, or switch to a dedicated server.

    A: We can only offer to distribute each site in a separate pool, if this approach does not suit you, as already mentioned, you need a dedicated server where we do not limit user resources. Pool reboots when the load exceeds 50%.

    The people from technical support apparently thought that they were using some kind of engine of their own. In fact, a fairly well-known engine was used - Telligent Community Edition, which is used on many sites with decent traffic. But a dedicated server for a site with regular attendance of 400-500 people a day and peaks of 1000-4000 is somehow a bit greasy. Moreover, when purchasing tariff plans, such restrictions were not named. And it was called unlimited traffic and uptime of 99% and the restrictions on the base and disk space.

    Unusual things later began again. When there was a more or less heavy load (peaks in traffic) then the site worked fine, on the very next days when traffic dropped significantly the site lay 50% of the time. It became interesting to ask about this behavior. Turned back to those. support:

    Q: Yesterday there was a more or less high load on the server - everything worked. Today there is no load - 50% of the time the site lies. When, excuse me, is this all over? Please do not tell tales about optimization.
    Q: The whole day the site is working with problems. More than 5 minutes does not hold - flies.
    A: How can I reproduce the problem? We wrote to you earlier about why Service Unavailable may occur.

    Q: Why does everything fly on one day and fall on another every five minutes?
    Your explanations do not stand up to criticism - about which I wrote to you repeatedly. Your task is to provide stable hosting, and not explain why it does not work. As an end user, I absolutely do not care about resources, pools, and the fact that you cannot configure them. If you can’t solve the problem with hosting, it means return money for it or fix the problem. I also ask you to give contacts to someone from the authorities with whom you can talk about the low-quality services of your company.

    A: Once again, we repeat that the unstable operation of your sites is caused only by the load created on the server. This problem can be solved by switching to a dedicated server or cardinally redesigning sites in terms of their optimization. There are no other options.

    Q: In my opinion, with the understanding of elementary things you did not work out. Yesterday, the site worked stably under a greater load, today it falls every 5 minutes. This is normal? I’m already tired of repeating that the most ordinary sites work on standard engines, of which there are thousands on the Internet.
    And only you have any problems. I don’t care that you can’t buy a few extra memory slots, I don’t have to pay for your problems from my pocket. Let's mean a dedicated server at the price of hosting.

    I need the coordinates of the leadership or manager. I want to personally speak with someone who is responsible for the poor-quality services provided by your "company".

    In response to this, the hoster without warning simply turned off the site. You get up in the morning, go to the site and there - "account suspended".

    You go to ftp - and there everything is closed. And in the ticket for the technical support with Service Unaviable requests there is a message:

    A: Based on the public offer that you agreed to when registering and due to violation of the clauses of this offer, you are denied the service and you are given 24 hours to transfer data, after this time, hosting will be deleted and cannot be restored!

    2.2.7. Adhere to the Rules for obtaining telecommunication Services, namely:
    - not take actions aimed at restricting or preventing other users from accessing the Services, as well as attempting unauthorized access to the Contractor’s resources and to other systems that are accessible through the Internet;

    2.3.4. If the Subscriber has increased requirements for hardware and other resources that are provided as part of the ordered service, the Contractor reserves the right to offer the Subscriber a switch to a different tariff plan, and if the Subscriber refuses, stop his service without returning money and terminate this Agreement unilaterally.

    Security Department

    And they wrote and blocked the site at almost midnight. Those. from that time until it was seen 10 hours passed. But all the possibilities for backup or something like that are closed. Making a backup was worth the daily correspondence with the tech support, their security department, calls and letters to them. And then in the evening we were provided with backup files for download via the link and promised backup of the database in the archive, but it turned out there is no database. On Saturday I had to write to them again and stop them constantly so that by Saturday evening I would get a backup of the database.

    At the same time, when I first wrote to their security department, they immediately told me that they said we warned you 30 hours ago and you had time. Why they closed the site, they intelligibly could not explain. The main reason was that they offered us to switch to a more expensive tariff plan. But no one in any ticket or in any correspondence warned that if they did not go over, they would disconnect us. A more expensive tariff plan was considered in the context as an opportunity to improve the service, which they pledged to implement on their basic tariff plan.

    They insisted on persistent requests to explain the closure with our counterarguments that their lawyer would prepare an answer. He prepared it, actually copying their message about the shutdown, which was given above in the techsupport ticket. We did not receive the official letter of ukrposhta which we asked to send to us, as is usually done in legal practice. It turns out that unreasonably disconnected us and we suffered material losses because of this.

    The behavior of their calving safety is also a separate conversation. My friend, who was writing to them about the backup of the base, they simply ignored me on Skype .

    If you try to google for example the words “hotsingua”, “”, “ reviews”, etc., you can find out that our case is not an isolated one and that, apparently, this company has such a practice.

    Here's an example quote from a review :

    - Abuse Center.

    This department deserves special attention! Here they take measures to detect intruders on the hosting and dedicated servers. Most of all, customers renting their servers at are infringed on their rights - a little violation, so get the server disconnected from the network! For example, an abuse arrives on your server (regardless of your fault or not your fault) - the abus center quotes it to you and, for example, writes in a letter about 10 hours to resolve the problem. Suppose that the abuse came at 11 o’clock in the evening and you cannot solve it, but you know that 10 hours is enough to come in the morning of the next day and solve it. But the employees of the Abuse-center do not hold a word, they can turn off the server immediately or in an hour (although they give 10 hours for a solution). All this is done in order to take the reactivation fee from the client - this is a fee for the server to be turned on.

    Here is another review of them, here the author no longer hides his emotions.

    Or another review as a comment :

    Do not see this provocation. Read the contract drawn up by this company first (it simply doesn’t exist), they will throw you (do not look at their prices) - this is not a company but a breeder. I am writing why. The reason is that I ordered hosting at HOSTING.UA, what I counted on should work because it worked on other hosting services without problems ... I chose tar. plan for 230 UAH. Paid ... Placed a store. I tried to export goods to the site, it gave an error of 500 (as I was told because of the load) on the 2nd day of the 2nd day my store was closed, you see, because there was supposedly a huge load there (it wasn’t on other hosting services) ... with a claim ... Asked to return the money ... They answered me with a letter saying that we are not returning the money, supposedly it was necessary to read the contract ... The fact is that I did not conclude a contract with this company,

    And here is another interesting thread on the forum , especially the first post and correspondence with tech support (I’d love to bring here only a bit long). Our correspondence reminded indicated there only at us everything was paid on time.

    Judging by the reviews and communication with such a “company”, the host is an example of how you do not need to conduct business, an example of outright rudeness, failure to fulfill obligations, and disgusting quality of hosting.

    The country must know its heroes. So I wish everyone not to fall for their bait, and never order anything from them. As for us, we have already moved to the United States hosting, which is what I wish to everyone who is hosted on a hotsingua. The only thing left is an unpleasant aftertaste.

    Upd. I want to answer some questions from the comments.

    1. ASP.NET technology is not buggy or slow down, as someone would like to think. Therefore, you should not connect the technology with hosting problems. The same goes for the engine.
    2. A small amount of money. That is, after seeing a price message on the site, the client needs to write to the hoster the following: “you ask me for a little money, let me pay you more.”
    3. You do not forget that the average client (as I was before the onset of these events) does not know the difference between shared, dedicated hosting, etc.
    4. I want to note once again that no one violated the offer. No one refused the services, no one was loading the server. Otherwise, it was necessary to provide the logs that confirmed their words. It is clear that this was not done.
    5. About the freebie. For me, the mystery is the fact why honestly paid money to the host is called a freebie? Paid in the amount set by the hoster.
    6. Regarding comments like “but I have everything worked out with them”. This is wonderful, but if I were told that my hoster turns off the power from the outlet and formats the hard drive at every opportunity, then I would not stay on that hosting for a long time, because tomorrow it could happen to you.
    7. They rejected my request to turn on the account after two days of inactivity, stating that the “train was gone” is not subject to reactivation. 48 hours before the complete destruction of the files, you see, the wrong approach. If we were problem customers for them, it would be possible to return the money (and there would be exactly one month left, that is, a couple of dollars) and everything would be fine. But they are not looking for easy ways.
    8. It was not possible to talk personally with the person from the security service - I was simply not allowed to talk to him.
    9. I will not argue about the “hoster is formally right”. We have everything as in a joke: “At the lawyer. - Tell me, do I have a right? - Yes, you have. May I? No you can not."
    10. And the last. "If you expect your resource to become popular ... then take a dedicated server." I believe that a resource with 300 unique per day is not popular. And for a project of this kind, taking a dedicated server is not justifiable luxury.

    They have no money back.
    They do not have test hosting.

    Of course, this could be alarming, but you need to understand that not everyone is a pro in hosting matters, and such hosting providers live on such clients like me. I really wanted to see fewer such hosters.

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