Fur.ly - create a presentation from sites

    Three days ago came across an interesting service to reduce references - Fur.ly . The search in Habr did not give any results, so I decided to write a small topic demonstrating the capabilities of the link shortener. The goal of the service is to provide users with the opportunity to make small presentations from sites, reducing a few links into one. Then all links will be presented in the form of a small Internet presentation.

    Screenshots and links:
    1. Drive in the links that you need to turn into a single presentation. I didn’t find any quantity limits, after 10 links I got tired of driving in:

    2. You get a shortened link, which you can immediately try:

    3. The presentation itself. It also has presentation control buttons, as well as the webmaster’s basic tool - conversion counter and detailed statistics by day:

    Presentation of search engines
    Service, where you can leave your opinion about the service, request a function or report a bug

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