How to help children learn foreign languages? Take advantage of mobile applications, of course!

    Children learn to use mobile gadgets before writing by hand or counting. So why not direct their gaming hobbies into the educational channel with the help of training programs?

    Allowing kids to play and have fun while learning a foreign language is simple - developers release many useful apps every day. Quite a large part of them are free. We present an overview of the most popular and effective children's applications for learning English.

    First of all, Disclaimer: The author of the review has no relation to the authors of the described applications , all applications are selected only by the degree of their usefulness for teaching children foreign languages, from the point of view of the author.


    English with LinguaLeo


    LinguaLeo– an effective application for learning the basics of the English language in a playful way. The interactive program consists of many exciting exercises with Leo cub. Kids can learn new words while being with a pet in different situations: at a university lecture, in a long traffic jam, at the doctor’s office, etc.

    Training gives excellent results because training touches all the "components" of the English language. There are tasks for translating individual words, spelling constructor, grammar exercises for the preparation of phrases and sentences, listening. The program dictionary includes transcription, the sound of each word and visual associations to facilitate memorization.

    A convenient and attractive interface, the ability to observe the child’s learning process in real time and the lack of need for Internet access during the game are all additional advantages of the program, thanks to which LinguaLeo was included in the list of the best educational applications for free.

    Elephant Benny - language assistant for children


    The program is a simple and convenient service for practicing English. The baby elephant Benny teaches kids new words (over 150) and phrases on various topics: greeting, numbers, food, family, colors. To memorize new material was easier, pictures and pronunciation records are attached to each task. To develop colloquial speech, an additional hero was introduced into the training program - the girlfriend of the elephant Gaby. Together they conduct dialogues that need to be memorized and repeated.

    All tasks in the application are voiced by native English speakers, so it’s easier for a child to put the correct pronunciation at the stage of acquaintance with the language. The graphics look positive, classes with the program are accompanied by unobtrusive music, advertising is completely absent.

    Fun English - English course with mini-games

    Fun English kids app is designed by English language learning professionals. This set of entertaining games and useful exercises is primarily designed for children aged 3-10 years. The structure of the course includes classes in the study of grammar, many new words and training in their pronunciation. The dictionary is divided into thematic groups: colors, numbers, animals, anatomy, food, vehicles, home, clothes.

    The program is voiced by several broadcasters with American and British accents. During the training, he plays pleasant melodies and songs, each action is accompanied by sound effects. The interactive application is made in good graphics, attractive pictures are attached to the words to facilitate perception.

    Pumpkin Eng - a game simulator for learning a foreign language

    169 rubles An

    interesting English language training program for children. Pumpkin Eng is an alternative version of the tic-tac-toe game - such a simulator teaches you to automatically use English grammar and a stock of foreign words. The game form does not give the child extra time to think about the constructions of sentences and words: it helps to use English as a native language - without choosing the right rule in thoughts.

    The development of automatism in the use of a foreign language allows you to quickly switch to conversational practice. With each new game, new words are added. In total, the application contains more than 700 frequently used words and over 35 thousand of their combinations.

    The program has tips that later (after the 10th level) can be disabled. It is possible to translate any phrase and compete with other players online. According to the developers, playing Eng Pumpkin on a daily basis, the user will learn to freely express his condition, any actions, processes or conditions in English.

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