Free COLT Licenses for Open-Source Projects

    Now you can get a free COLT personal license for 6 months (renewable) if you have an open source project.

    To obtain a license, write a request to our tracker .

    COLT is a front-end development tool that allows you to write livecoding style applications. As soon as you save the change in the code, it is immediately delivered to a working application using a special protocol. What is important, all variables, scroll position, entered form data are not lost. Also, without overloading the application, HTML / CSS will change. Our livecoding implementation is based on pre-processing - code transformation, so "live code" works everywhere - on all devices - mobile devices, televisions and so on. COLT can work with CoffeScript, TypeScript, LESS / SASS. In all browsers. It can work wherever web technologies are used, for example, JavaFX and PhoneGap. It can work with any IDE.

    In addition to JavaScript, COLT works with ActionScript and in the future we will add support for other popular languages.

    You can download COLT on our website

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