Small utility for serious business

    Have you ever lost a flash drive? Did a lot of information go with her? Just recently I bumped into the Internet for a simple, simple utility SyncToy 2.0 from Microsoft. Its functionality is also extremely clear and simple - set folder A, set folder B, synchronize the entire contents of folder A with folder B. Three modes are available:
    • Syncronize - changes to folder A are transferred to folder B and vice versa.
    • Echo - all changes to folder A are transferred to folder B.
    • Contribute - Same as Echo, but deleted files in folder A are not deleted from folder B.

    To minimize the consequences of losing a flash drive, I set up daily synchronization of the flash drive and local folders of the working computer and laptop. We create a regular task in the "Task Scheduler", we only use SyncToyCmd.exe with the -R switch as the executable file.

    SyncToy 2.0 is available even for x64 systems. The utility found its application on the server as a means of copying the WSUSContent folder to the backup server, and those who are familiar with WSUS (System Center Essentials) know that periodically you need to clean up unnecessary more patches and simply copying the WSUSContent folder will lead to its strong growth.

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