.masterhost and student rate

    More information about this service can be found here: Program for students .
    I took advantage of it with pleasure (as a graduate student), the service was provided on the same day, but I was interested in the question, and for how long I can use this service. I wrote a letter to those support:

    Tell me, please, and for how long is hosting provided at this rate? while studying at the university?

    The answer was, well, just expected:


    The tariff is provided for the duration of its validity.
    > Tell me please, and for how long is hosting provided at this
    > tariff? while studying at the university?

    - Regards,
    Svetlana Granina,

    Well, accordingly, the question was asked about what tariff the validity period is, but I did not get an answer. I waited two days. So here it is - masterhost ...

    waited, here came a reasonable answer

    . The Student tariff is free of charge in the framework of cooperation with Microsoft. At some point, this tariff may be closed and you will be prompted to switch to other paid tariffs. In the near future its closure is not planned, but in any case, it cannot be eternal. Even paid tariffs are updated from time to time.

    The answer was received from the same Svetlana, now thanks to her for the explanation!

    PS Maybe they answered because habrahabr let me know? ;)

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