The DVFU ROV Team 2010

    I post the video late on the performance of the Russian team of underwater robotics Primorye Coast, which won first place at the MATE International ROV Competition 2010.

    Preparations are currently underway for the MATE International ROV Competition 2011.
    The 2011 international competition will be held June 16-18 at the NASA Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas.

    For those interested in technical details: a
    detailed description of the rules of the competition, restrictions, requirements for participants and missions .

    A couple of links to past publications on this topic:
    A complete list of winners and sponsors of 2010 ;
    Some photos from the 2010 competitions ;
    Technical characteristics of the robot involved with the competition ;
    Team participation in the 2009 competitions .

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