Geolocation service project - determines the location of users, places them on a map and gives the opportunity to communicate. Not only with friends, but with complete strangers nearby. Nowadays, globalization has reached incredible heights - we can make friends with people from New York, read what a journalist from Cambodia thinks of an earthquake in Japan just a second after he published the text. But! Do you know those near you? Who lives in a neighboring courtyard (and you did not grow up in this area), who studies in the same building, who works in a neighboring office building, who dines in the same cafe with a difference of two hours? What is the name of a pretty girl accidentally seen from the window? Who pasted a bitten apple / penguin onto the pram of his child?

    You can meet these people with In a way, this is an analogue of local chats that small providers do (did).

    The project is currently being developed by one person, but already knows how to perform basic functions. Determining where you are, placing you and others on the map, allows you to clarify your position. The most accurate location data we receive from users of mobile devices that have GPS. Laptops and netbooks do pretty well with FF, Opera and Chrome on board (theoretically, they also have Safari desktop, but it works somehow weird, while mobile Safari works with geolocation regularly), they promise geolocation support in IE 9.

    If it is not possible to determine the location using the built-in methods in devices / browsers, the service tries to do this by IP (with appropriate accuracy). Users can chat, add each other to bookmarks directly on the site, or as friends on social networks through which they are authorized. The service is still raw, it needs refinement and running-in, in the future it is planned to implement a system of "places" like a foursquare and an API for third-party developers who want to build applications using the data and technologies of the InMile project . I will be glad to your feedback, comments and suggestions for the project.

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