Everyone wants to leave a mark

    And how good and simple it all began! Some two million years ago, people did not even suspect that after some insignificant, universal scale, their life would not depend on how clearly they scraped the address of their cave on the next rock in the local mountain system, but on how well they can adapt to the conditions of the surrounding growing world, crushing society and the armada of computers that appeared from nowhere. They could measuredly draw maps of the starry sky on earth, believing that the latter is concave inward, show their children cave paintings with illustrations, and watch rocky porn.

    And now? Now life is becoming less and less interesting. She becomes predictable. People in such a life unconsciously make such decisions that their friends, neighbors, and relatives made. The choice has already been made for them, they can only click on the “Accept” button in their seemingly considerable skull box. And many are pushing. Many do this quite consciously, claiming that they will be so much calmer than if they suddenly fought off the pack. The instinct of self-preservation takes its toll. People cannot be blamed for wanting to live. Living like everyone else: quickly, confidently, predictably, as if on rails.

    Life today is a quick succession of successive events. Someone will remember filmstrips, someone will immediately see Twitter, others will shout something about the new service from Yahoo! .. All these services (except, perhaps, the first one, yes) - particle accelerators - fulfill their purpose very well. The developers, perhaps, did not even think about what they were doing, this could happen at the level of their subconscious. Anyone would like to live faster. Any person is flattered by high speed.

    Open the profile of any Twitter user, obscure with a pencil the date of each of his messages, and a person’s life will pass before you at a speed more than sufficient to say “Yes, he is a particle!”. Take a look at what you or others are posting on Twitter. Look carefully. See nothing unusual? Similarities? Twitter is a camera of moments. If you want, you can call it a modern Wilson camera. We, the particles, passing through the chamber, leave our mark on it. He, of course, is different from others. Differs in a tilt angle, track thickness, brightness of a luminescence. Each individual parameter of the track characterizes the particle that left it. On this track we can judge what the particle was. We even know which magnets stood at the edges of the camera, and we can tell who they acted to a greater extent,

    However, in this chamber, over time, all tracks go out. They cannot shine all the time. Someone stays longer, others leave faster. The laboratory physicist, after conducting his experiment, carefully puts Wilson’s camera in a cabinet, locking it with a key, takes his notes. Turning off the light in the laboratory, he goes home. He has nothing more to do here.

    Each of us wants to leave a larger mark in the Universe than a dug hole two meters deep. It has always been, at all times. Over the past few years, we have not only been trying to step on Einstein’s trousers, but also to document this sentimental, important moment for us first, wherever we can. Think about why there are so many personalized services on the Internet? No, don’t say that developers want fame, money, female fans and male fans ... No, this does not mean that people have large complexes or low recognition syndromes.

    If you look a lot deeper, one of the oldest and most probable reasons for the appearance of such services is the fear of which we spoke above. Now a person has not only the opportunity to write about himself on the wall of a neighboring house, but also leave his photo archive on the Internet, talk smartly on Habrahabr, boast on Twitter or show off with his own blog. And you are right that fame and money are driving them, because, after all, fame is also a trace. Your name will be added to Wikipedia in several languages ​​of the world at once! You will be satisfied with yourself if this happens during your lifetime!

    Today you can’t live a life without leaving a single trace. You won’t be able to remain yourself completely, you won’t be able to disown what is happening around you. You can, of course, fly to Mars and open a colony there: build factories, issue newspapers, launch steamers and throw asteroids into the moon, but you will still get evil moon men and show you who is the boss in space.

    All that you read, you, of course, could not read. It was possible to proceed immediately to this paragraph, but I did not warn anyone about this, sorry. This is all one big metaphor that has eclipsed your mind now. You curse its author with the last words. Wait, he’s almost finished the hypnosis session. Try to live your life as a Martian, not as a resident of the Earth. Look from the side to this planet, to all the people who inhabit it. Pay attention to what kept your eye on this planet. Beauty of nature? Scary or curious events? Cruel, beautiful and predictable people? Think about whether you want to be among all this?

    While you think, sit back, stretch your legs forward, put them on the next table. Lift your laptop off the floor, wipe its dust cover. Open, turn on your Windows 7, get to Twitter and write there that you had a great day today. You are so unusual, and so many beautiful people are reading you! Close your eyes.

    Three two one. Click!

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