Six thousand liters of pure water from one bottle

    Having seen enough of the problems with the supply of clean water to the victims of the 2004 tsunami and Hurricane Katrina last year, Ipswich businessman Michael Pritchard invented a bottle that can literally clean and make drinking water of virtually any degree of pollution in seconds. The miraculous bottle, called Life Saver bottle, turned out to be so effective that the military, who was interested in this kind of extreme ways of saving lives, literally “consumed” all the stocks in one day.

    And no wonder, so Life Saver bottle can really turn out to be an archy useful contraption in case of an emergency. Conventional filters used to purify water can weed out bacteria up to 200 nanometers in size. But with viruses (their size is on average about 25 nanometers) are not able to cope. Pritchard’s invention can clean up to six thousand liters of water (without changing the filter) from any muck, the dimensions of which are from 15 nanometers or more. This means that bacteria and viruses will not pass. Moreover, the use of chemical compounds is not required for filtration.

    Life Saver bottle with nanofilter costs a lot - $ 385. But compared to the opportunity to save a life, it’s a penny.

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