History back menu in Opera - easy!

    There is such a menu in IE and in Mozilla Firefox- it shows the browsing history of the pages of this tab.

    It is opened by pressing the black micro arrow next to the “history back”

    button . In Opera, there is no such micro arrow, but there is only a “history back” button. I know that many suffer, cry and do not sleep at night, because they really lack this menu. It was like that.

    Method 1: Press, do not release the mouse button, and the menu is open!

    Method 2: Click and drag the mouse down without letting go - this is the menu! You can release the mouse button aside (the menu will not disappear), or immediately select the desired one and after releasing the desired page it will open immediately. In fact, it turns out faster than in the first method.

    UPD:(just do not need about Tools> Appearance> Buttons> Browser- the developers removed there too much is not easy)

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