Who needs blog ads?

    Who needs advertising in blogs and why is it needed at all, if there is banner advertising, contextual and other various high-tech types of promotion on the Internet. Is it even possible to effectively advertise in the blogosphere? In this post I want to talk about how you can use text ads on blogs.

    Example 1 - “Internet giant.”

    A large Internet company launches its new product. Let it be a fashionable video service. Spends a lot of money on banners, contextual ads, optimizers and maybe even 3 x 6 billboards on Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow. However, everyone uses Youtube and does not even think about switching to a new super-video service.

    Using blogs, you can create an informational wave, which, through recommendations and interesting articles about this new web service, will help to attract interest from the target audience and will allow you to dwell on the features of the site in more detail. Maybe it’s really much more convenient than Youtube, the video quality is much better, the volume of clips can be 10 times more, and even the authors are paid money for adding videos. It’s hard to talk about all the benefits with banners or in a limited context, but blogs will do just that.

    Example 2 is a “young programmer”.

    The young programmer has created a brilliant program and wants to successfully sell it and get honestly earned money. He can borrow money from a friend and order a couple of thousand hits on a very cool site, which will last for half an hour or more on a less cool site, where fans of Varese come and no one will seriously be interested in buying the program for money.

    In the blogosphere, you can quickly create a large number of positive reviews about a new product, make many readers feel that without this software they will no longer have a nice life and work behind their monitor. Plus, you can get excellent feedback in the comments and understand what can be fixed or added in future versions in order to sell even more copies of the product in the future.

    Example 3 - “Internet business”.

    You have an online store. It is not very big, but already a decent time on the market. You have developed a system of delivery, payment, purchase of goods, everything works fine. But it so happened that in your area there is very high competition and, no matter how much you spend on optimization experts for search engines, you are still at the 25th position of all the major search engines and clients come to you most often by accident or on the recommendation of former buyers.

    With the help of a high-quality large network of bloggers, you can increase the number of positive reviews and recommendations about your store, as well as increase the amount of unique information about you on the Internet, which will positively affect both your reputation and SEO. Bloggers will recommend you as if they were your client themselves and most readers will trust bloggers more than issuing search engines.

    Example 4 - “offline business”.

    A certain American company opened the first coffee house with a legendary name. This is a very good coffee house with excellent coffee for every taste, various desserts and other goodies. But something in this coffee shop repels Russian coffee lovers. For example, a name that looks like a large network selling low-quality hot dogs or a strange imposition of cups with lids as in catering restaurants for drinking a hot drink on the go.

    With the help of blogs you can clearly tell the whole story of the legendary coffee shop chain, convey its spirit, atmosphere, make it so that a visit to this particular coffeehouse distinguishes people from mere mortals and puts them among the most fashionable people who follow trends. And the unusual culture of drinking coffee on the go would additionally become an attribute of a modern resident of a metropolis.

    Example 5 - “politics”.

    You are a big politician. You definitely need to like your electorate before the next election. And you do it. You do a lot of good deeds, take part in charity, build kindergartens and roads, transfer grandmothers across the road. But some bad people bother you and denigrate your bright name through the media using very black PR.

    With the right management of public opinion through blogs, much can be achieved. You can even become a new generation hero and a true fighter for a just cause. Let people find out everything real and maybe even a little embellished facts about your competitors. Let the truth be revealed, the womb and people themselves will make their choice;)

    Of course, all these examples are controversial and all this can be achieved by other methods and methods. You might even find these examples completely primitive. However, the blogosphere, with a skillful approach, provides unlimited resources and resources for the effective management of public opinion and building a reputation. After all, this is a direct and often inconspicuous entrance to the public consciousness of people.

    We are not saying that the blogosphere is a panacea and the only correct and progressive type of promotion, however, with the skillful use of an integrated approach, the symbiosis of traditional methods of promotion with advertising on blogs can give a very strong and manageable interactive effect.

    And these are just the simplest examples :)

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