Telephone scam

    It’s possible that I’m writing someone already knows, but I’m sure that after this post the number of knowledgeable people should become more.

    If you often have to call phones unfamiliar to you due to your service or your interests ... If you usually do this from your mobile phone ... And if someone sometimes doesn’t want to live honestly here and there, then it’s possible that everything described below, it will come in handy for you and save a hundred or two blood rubles.

    So. Suppose you are buying a car or selling it, looking for work or, conversely, looking for suitable personnel, want to rent an apartment or, conversely, want to rent it. You have found in the newspaper / Internet / on a lamppost an outwardly quite advantageous offer. Not to say that it was 2 times more profitable than the others, but it certainly stands out from the rest - either the salary is 10 thousand more than everywhere, or the price of a car is 20-30 thousand less compared to similar ones. “Hurray,” you think, “that's so lucky,” and joyfully dial the cherished number. On the other side, after a short crack, some unintelligible speech sounds, after which the connection breaks. What are you doing? Re-dial this number. Same. “Well, God bless him,” you think and forget about these two calls, switching to other ads. They will have to be remembered at the moment when SMSka suddenly arrives from your mobile operator that your balance, if it has not reached a negative level, is somewhere not far from it, and in a good way you should put money on the phone. But yesterday, there still lay at least a hundred rubles. Where did they go?

    And there you go. Here is the telephone numbering plan of Russia , go to the DEF section and see in the section "Codes of services of intelligent communication networks" number 809 - a call for an additional fee. More details on MTT website . That is, you call the number starting with it and your money quickly leaves your account (at a speed of 10 rubles to 99 rubles per minute). All? No, not all!

    Not everyone knows that Kazakhstan, like Russia, has a country phone code of +7. So if you see a number that starts at +7, then it’s not a fact that you’ll call Russia, for example, +7 710 will lead you to a neighboring republic. (For more details, see Kazakhstan Telephone Numbering Plan) I came across complaints about paid numbers starting at +7 700, so with seven hundred you also have to be extremely careful.

    These are the pies. Forewarned is forearmed. Beat 8-809. Be suspicious of + 7-7xx.

    So that all my arguments do not seem empty and groundless, here is a very simple example:
    There are several key phrases that sometimes help to notice scammers - “call only from mobile phones”, “call from MTS, Beeline, Megafon” operators, etc.

    There are, however, 2 things that I still have not found out yet - what is the probability of returning the lost money (I suspect that it tends to zero on the right) and what is the probability of putting such an affiliate in a state house (I think that the probability is about the same) .

    UPD0. Moved to Telecoms.

    UPD1. About Ukraine. The user ni_dasav advises residents of Kharkov (I think that residents of other cities of Ukraine will also be interested) read the page so as not to fall for a similar scam .

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