Atari 2600 Rare Clone

    Hello dear habrayuzer! Today I want to write about a very rare game console atari 2600, or rather about the Chinese clone atari 2600 with built-in games. There is practically no information about her. I know that it has about 128 built-in games. The console itself, in principle, was well preserved, but the original joysticks did not survive to this day :(
    Well, actually the photo of the console itself There are 4 levers on the front panel: 1. Turning the console off 2. Selecting a game 3. Selecting the number of players 4. Resetting the game Yes , it looks very similar to the Atari 2600, but just don’t get the cartridges in it :) it's just a decorative plug There are 2 joystick connectors on the top side panel

    Switch to select the difficulty: NOVICE and EXPERT (they, too, two) Connector for power supply unit and an interesting switch, it is written that it is supposed to change the channel but in fact it is a triple switch to select the games cell connector for connecting to a TV Here joystick he unfortunately it’s broken-down and not original, but it works completely. Power supply Then I thought that some pictures of the case are a little boring, and decided to take it apart, there are not many such pictures on the Internet, if there are any at all Well, now the games, the most interesting :) I thought then take a picture of their senseless, and decided to take them on video

    The quality is not the best but in general everything is clear. If I don’t like the ears very much, I can take a few pictures of the games themselves :)
    That's all. Thank you for reading my short review, believe me, I tried very hard :)

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