Terminal Screen Saver

    For a long time I used Linux as the main operating system on a working laptop, but several nuances made me return to Windows. In Linux, I had an excellent screen saver that emulated the operation of the terminal. He repulsed any attempt to look at the screen and understand what was happening on it in my absence, and he just looked nice. The screen saver was called Phosphor from the XScreenSaver suite .

    This is what Phosphor looks like:
    I wanted the same for Windows, and since there was no programmer from me, I had to search. After a brief search, Text Terminal Screen Saver was found.having similar functionality. It certainly looks not as spectacular as Phosphor, but it performs its main task. As the output, he can slip a text file containing, for example, the glibc compilation process. This greatly facilitated the return to Windows :) This is what Text Terminal looks like:
    Text terminal
    Both programs are old (1999, 2000), so if you tell me something newer, I will be very grateful.

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