SilverStone Kublai KL02 Steel Case

    The new case for owners of high-tech iron was introduced by SilverStone. Kublai KL02 is made of steel (except for the front panel made of aluminum), equipped with a mounted basket for hard drives and, thanks to the thoughtful design and the presence of several fans, allows you not to worry about additional cooling of the system components.

    The SilverStone Kublai KL02 chassis is designed to install ATX or MicroATX form factor motherboards. Due to the presence of a special "basket", it can accommodate up to nine 5.25-inch hard drives and up to five 3.5-inch (4 internal and one external). The presence of the SilverStone CP05 adapter allows for hot-plugging of SATA drives. On the front panel, the developers provided for the placement of several connectors: FireWire, audio, microphone and two USB 2.0. The number of slots for installing expansion cards is seven.

    As for the cooling of components, the developers took care of this in full. So, in the front and rear panels of the case, a 120-mm fan is installed, which creates a directional movement of air inside the case. Additionally, to cool the processor and video card on the perforated side panel, it is possible to install a couple more of the same 120-mm coolers.

    Dimensions Kublai KL02 are 203 × 436 × 474, and weight - 8 kilograms. Is the new case from SilverStone? 95.

    via Dark Vision Hardware , 3DNews

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