Microsoft will spend more than $ 1 billion to repair Xbox 360 consoles

    Red ring of death!  Fearfully?!  :)Microsoft announced yesterday that repairing defects found on Xbox 360 game consoles would cost the company a fabulous $ 1.15 billion. Perhaps this is the most expensive repair on a consumer warranty.

    Recall that Microsoft received numerous complaints from gamers whose console refused to start by highlighting the power button with three red lights. Bloggers dubbed this issue the “Red Ring of Death”, similar to the “Blue Screen of Death” that appears when Windows crashes.

    So far, the software giant has not named the exact number of damaged devices, but the head of Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division, Robbie Bach, said it was "an unacceptably huge number of fixes."

    Microsoft says it intends to spend about $ 1.15 billion on console consoles and cost recovery for buyers (those who made repairs at their own expense will be refunded). The company also intends to extend the warranty period to three years. Earlier, residents of the United States were given a guarantee for one year, and Europeans - for two.

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