My startup:

    I know that self-promotion is not held in high esteem, so I’ll just talk about creating a small entertainment service. That week I saw an advertisement for a mobile payment service on Habré and decided to use it. I generally liked the

    service . There would be an affiliate link - I would post it here. They have a number of minor drawbacks, and the team is working on a fix; this can be forgiven for startups. I note that I am not a programmer and created php code "according to the textbook", maybe this caused a number of confusion, but everything seemed to work out and the service was launched.

    True, after the start a friend told me that there is a similar Western service: , but in there are a number of differences:
    - A cloud of sites is evenly distributed across the page regardless of screen size
    - Newer links close the previous ones and a beautiful blending effect appears
    - You can’t add keywords to - only a bare URL A

    filled iDollar will look like this .
    Personally, I am pleased with the project for the following reasons:
    1. This is a startup with minimal costs (time, several test SMS, domain and hosting)
    2. The result should turn out beautiful

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