Seagate ALREADY pays for a “wrong” gigabyte definition

    Today I found a curious software from Seagate + Acronis.

    Apparently this is the answer Seigate Seagate will pay for the "wrong" definition of gigabytes . And give out the "answer" for free!

    The softinka is called DiscWizard and is essentially rebranded Acronis True Image .

    By the way, Seagate kindly provides a license agreement and a program in Russian.

    In order not to mislead the respected Habr-People, I note - “there will be no balls”:
    1. Granting a license. The Licensor provides the Licensee with a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to use the DiscWizard software (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”), recorded only on media with the Seagate and Maxtor logos .

    How to check for legality of use with "non-Seigates" I do not know yet. It is possible that DiscWizard simply refuses to remove images from the "alien" screws based on the model. Or maybe it won’t fail ...


    - UPD:
    Those who have no Seagate or Maxtor screws have nothing to catch :( Here is such an error popped up after installing it on a laptop with the Samsung screw. There is a truth and pluses - the link from the error message sends to True Image 10 Home acquisition page with a nearly 50% discount ( 499RUR -> 299RUR)

    need at least one Segate or Maxtor

    But the owners of suitable screws get the renamed TrueImage 10 Home for free . Congratulations to us :) (on the second laptop I have Seigate :)

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