IE7 {css2: auto; }

    IE7 is a JavaScript library that makes the explorer work by standards. Eliminates a lot of problems with css, makes it correctly handle translucent PNG under IE5 and IE6.

    IE7 loads and parses style sheets in a format that the explorer understands. After that, it becomes possible to use CSS2 / CSS3 functions without css hacks.

    A lightweight version of the script is included in your HTML / XML document. No change to markup or css styles is needed.

    IE7 provides Microsoft Internet Explorer support for W3C CSS and HTML standards:

       * supports the following CSS selectors:
          + namespace | selector
          + parent> child
          + adjacent + sibling
          + adjacent ~ sibling
          + [attr], [attr = "value"], [attr ~ = "Value"], etc.
          + .multiple.classes (fixes bug)
          +: hover ,: active,: focus (for all elements)
          +: first-child,: last-child, only-child, nth-child, nth-last-child
          +: check ,: disabled,: enabled
          +: root,: empty,: contains (),: not ()
          +: before /: after / content:
          +: lang ()

       * works with HTML and XML documents
       * supports imported styles
       * retains structure style sheets
       * does not change the structure of the document
       * does not re-query the DOM structure when using JavaScript
       * uses pure CSS to display stylesheets correctly
       * supports W3C box model in standard and individual modes
       * supports fixed positioning (objects do not flicker)
       * supports overflow: visible
       * supports min / max-width / height
       * fixes corrupted (X) HTML elements (abbr, object)
       * standardizes form actions (form behaviors)
       * supports PNG alpha channel
       * has a lightweight script (22K)
       * has a modular structure (free adding and removing modules)
       * works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ (Windows only)

    Download version: 0.9 (alpha)

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