Is tired

    Habr has somehow subtly changed recently. I caught myself coming out of habit, and not because it’s interesting. And sourness on the face appears when I read most of the comments / topics ... I

    thought about the alternative, but unfortunately it is not. And it’s not the site. It is a pity to lose good people who have not yet left Habr. And if everything continues this way, then we’ll just all run away, but we would not want to.

    There was hope for a new version of Habr, Mio promised changes in the rating algorithm and new blogs, but I’m afraid that until Habr 3.0 is released, the community will completely fall apart ... Habrado is coming.

    I have standalone, like many, but it is narrow-profile, so this does not solve the problem.

    What are your thoughts, friends?

    Z.Y. I propose to distribute this / similar topic under my lock so that as many as possible adequate people think about the issue. Maybe it will reach the powers that be?

    Z.Z.Y. We kindly request : Though in this top do not minus / plus. We're just talking here, okay?

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