Google will work for US intelligence

    The US intelligence agency (CIA) “recruited” Google for its intelligence purposes, hoping that its search technology will help them better process intelligence about suspects, reports The Times.
    It is known that organizations such as the National Security Agency have already bought servers that use the Google search engine to process information.

    It is also known that the Google search engine is used in the work of the Intellipedia site, similar to Wikipedia, where CIA agents post information about their objects, after which their colleagues can easily access the data or supplement it.
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    Agents can also post intelligence information on a secure forum that other spies can view, edit, and tag. While the service has registered 37 thousand people, and the database contains 35 thousand articles, said Sean Dennehy, head of the Intellipedia division at the CIA.

    Google also works not only with special services. It also provides services to other U.S. government agencies, including the Coast Guard, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    Source The Times

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