Create your keyboard with DX1 System Input

    Modern keyboards are the crown of technology, but for gamers they are still not perfect. Just remember how many times you dreamed of rearranging the keys in accordance with your requirements, in the right order, or wanting to assign your aliases to certain keys.

    The DX1 System Input was made to fulfill these desires! Everything is quite simple, you need to place the keys in a position convenient for you on the background and assign each command its own command. It can be one command-function or several sequentially launched commands, you have complete freedom in the implementation of your ideas.

    25 special keys are able to attach to the substrate. And if you are confused or want to change the assignment of a key, simply unfasten it and position it again at a new position. The background is empty, so you have the opportunity to place your background or place shortcuts on it. Any macros can be configured directly on the fly for all keys. Being right in the game, realizing that you need a new key, just hold it, assign a new team and continue to play further! DX1 works with various programs and easily remembers commands and macros for each of them.

    System requirements:
    • Windows XP / 2000 (with Service Pack 3 or later) - US Version
    • 350 MHZ Pentium III PC (or equivalent)
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 50 MB of free hard drive space
    • Powered USB Port (1.1 or 2.0)
    • US English Keyboard
    • Mouse

    Cost around $ 150. An entertaining little thing for real gamers and lovers of exotic! :)

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