Web Studios Rating 2008

    I watched the whole month for the next rating of TEGLINE web studios 2008 . And so it happened, the experts published the first part .

    Honestly. I am extremely disappointed. Not only are the results (apart from probably the first 5) obviously controversial, I could not see any expert evaluation.

    Perhaps, of course, the “experts” are rehabilitating themselves in the coming days with new statements. In the meantime, the final conclusion on market trends looks STRONGLY SCAN!

    * Strengthening the positions of “niche” studios
    * Strengthening the positions of large regional players
    * Strengthening the positions of companies - the main contractors of box CMS manufacturers
    * Highlighting market leaders in the “premium” segment, moving into a niche of exclusive solutions for top brands
    * An increase in the role of effective development and support of projects in its overall life cycle
    * A weakening of the position of “stagnant” market old-timers

    Actually, an expert assessment of the rating results has also not yet been seen. Hope dies last!

    Read the full story here !

    PS Commenting on the post, please remember to accuse me of bias, as my studio did not get into the TOP-100 ...

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