Interesting footage of Google Maps

    Have a great Friday and an upcoming weekend! I suggest to the habrasociety to take a little distraction from urgent matters and travel a little around the world. I bring to your attention a small selection of beautiful, amazing and very unusual, in some cases, frames recorded on Google Maps. I am sure that many pictures will cheer up

    Balloon in France

    Park Andre Citroen, France, Paris. If you look closely at the shadow, you will notice that the basket of the balloon has no bottom.
    As it turned out, this is a special design of the basket, as can be seen in the photo from the ground .

    Meteorite crater

    Meteor crater in the western desert of Egypt. Amazingly beautiful shots. It was discovered recently, due to its enormous size, scientists were able to detect it recently, only thanks to satellite images.

    Desert Farm Farm

    The center of the Libyan desert. This seems unbelievable due to the lack of water, but it became possible thanks to the underground water supply system. In the 1960s, efforts to search for oil in the southern part of Libya led to the discovery of a huge amount of fresh water underground (more than 5 million cubic meters of water).

    Namib desert

    This is one of the oldest deserts, formed about 55 million years ago, is part of a national park, and covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters. Namib covers most of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Nambia. Collisions of the marine climate with a very dry desert climate lead to the formation of strong currents and dense fogs, which is the cause of the death of many ships and sailors. The wreckage of the ships can be found in this photo shoot: Perhaps the most impressive here are the giant dunes reaching 340 meters in height, making them the highest sand dunes in the world.


    In 2006, on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Google provided high-resolution images of all areas.

    Pixel Fields

    A bunch of pixel art-like fields. And here is our old friend ((:


    I wonder what people who wrote this try to tell us? Or not for us at all?

    Amboy Crater

    California, the Mojave Desert. It looks pretty impressive, and the lava has spread to 70 square kilometers.

    Mig-21 in the parking lot

    It turned out that the plane is constantly in this parking lot .


    Baikonur is one of the oldest and largest space centers in the world. Very impressive shots.

    “Sculpture” of a naked woman

    Woman as a woman ... Naked ... Sicily, Italy.

    Also popular now: