How to drag a picture from MS Word

    Customers sometimes send pictures and descriptions of their products for the design layout in a Word file. Here I will describe how to seamlessly import bitmaps from Word into Photoshop .

    The very first solution that comes to mind, copying to the Windows buffer and pasting it into Photoshop often gives unpredictable results (image reduction, loss of quality, resetting color depth to 256 colors, etc.), and it’s inconvenient if there are a lot of photos. This method is suitable if the photo is initially of poor quality. Then it’s better to do “Image Reset” in the “Image Settings” in the Word and copy after that.

    If the document is saved as html, then the folder “% filename% files” will be created in which there are two pictures: in the original size and resize.

    But the best result can be obtained if the Vodovsky file is in docx format ( Office Open XML ). Just rename docx to zip and unpack it. We get xml- files and source images in formats that were imported into the word. So I managed to get the puff tif with alpha channels.
    The same method also works with Powerpoint files.

    I do not publish exotic methods such as "printscreen" and hemorrhoidal type of import into Korel.

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