Download new media file with URL

    Dear Habrausers, the following question arose. Where to dig a plugin for WordPress, which would allow you to download a media file from a URL, not a computer?
    Why do I need this?
    One of my blogs has an Arthemia Free theme. In this topic, each topic has an additional field with a link to the downloaded image file. This image file is scaled and used for a more visual theme. Now the algorithm for working with these files is as follows:
    1. Google looking for a picture
    2. Save to your computer
    3. Upload to the site
    4. The source of the picture in the body of the post is registered

    Obviously, the file must be uploaded to its hosting, otherwise the script will not scale. But why on your computer ?! It’s not at all clear to me personally why clauses 2 and 3 should be separated from each other. I hope in the comments people will give advice on how to combine them.

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