Well ... Japanese City ;-)

    imageI think many hawkers saw a new game in the city from Yandex. You can play both with an opponent and with a robot - Gorodovoy. We wondered if it was possible to defeat Gorodovoy — that is, to drive him into a corner so that he could not make a move and surrendered.
    After careful preparation, it turned out that this is not a simple City, but the real Japanese City! Samurai blood flows in his veins: he would rather make himself hara-kiri than surrender and allow you to enjoy the victory :)

    It is clear that the robot knows a lot of cities for almost every letter of the alphabet, and therefore, pecking it with cities in a row is the same as bruting the password of the administrator-paranoid - well, maybe in a year this will give the result. Therefore, you took the one and only letter exception - the letter Y, for which there are simply very few cities. The matter is complicated by the fact that his list of cities does not coincide with what can be found on the map and on the Internet, he does not recognize part of the cities, but he knows others.

    To drive the robot to a standstill, a decent list of cities ending in Y was compiled, and things went.

    It turned out that the robot knows 12 cities in Y: Yrmak, Ygdir, Ylgyn, Ylgaz, Ylyzha, Ylydzhalar, Ynda-Sillase, Yndybir, Ynykchansky, Kyrgyz, Isparta, Yshtyk.

    As soon as you ask him to name the 13th, he will give you an error:
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    At first, I thought it was a network error, but there was a complete order with the network. In addition, a “control measurement” was made - that is, the game is repeated, and it ended in exactly the same way.
    Interestingly, if you click “OK”, the error window will disappear, but the robot will still not allow you to enter your city by removing the “Continue” send button. After that, no further game is possible. The map scrolls, lists too, the entered city cannot be changed - from all game buttons only one button works ... “Surrender”. Moreover, the robot will happily accept your surrender, and even draw such an absurd picture: “Just think, I said fewer words - I won anyway!” So: verified, Gorodovoy has a real Nordic samurai character! UPDATE:
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Friends suggested that Gorodovoy knew another city in Y - Yshykly, but apparently did not give it to the user for humanistic reasons. :)

    PS Please do not take the topic seriously :)
    All with the coming! And more ITshnoy and any other joy in the New Year!

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