Seven portraits of designers and creators

    It is interesting to dream about what you, as a designer, expect from the future. Recently, I joked that I would like to remain the only specialist in web design on the continent more decent (like EurAsia). Here's a map popped-s ... But it is, whim.

    It occurred to me to draw seven pictures of a hypothetical “ content designer ”. Age: from 30 to 40 years. There is a chance that someone will see friends. Or even yourself. Anyway, from the outside it looks something like this:

    1. Soldier .

    In the company where he has been working for fifteen years, he began as a young man. It would seem “ just a designer". But it is not so. Firstly, he receives a salary of a whole thousand dollars more than his colleagues in open space. He has the most comfortable nook with a window (and so on in each subsequent office where his company moves). At corporate parties, the director likes to tell, letting off a drunken tear, how they “started together”, “in the basement on the outskirts” ... He has a monitor (and stomach) every year. Three children, photographs of which are attached to the corkboard, above the target with the face of Artemy Lebedev, with a dart in his left eye. He is a soldier in his office.

    2. Butterfly .

    The company in which he (temporarily) works is the twentieth in a row. Or twenty-second. Or ... He doesn’t remember. "He changes them like gloves ." He loves to brag about “ always leaving himself". Although this is a lie: he was fired from five places. He knows how to gain confidence in the secretary, how to quickly “ break through ” a chair more comfortably, how to masterfully “burn a monitor” to get a new one ... Do you think that having forgotten, I slipped here someone who is actually not so satisfied with yourself? Nothing like this! The search for the best is the goal of life for him. Satisfaction and self-affirmation.

    3. Art director (fake).

    Why he was not made an art director, he does not understand. He is suitable for this position by 200%. He knows and knows everything. And if not everything, then certainly more than that upstart, who was "taken from the trash" and "gave all the blessings of the world." His favorite topic is why the project he is working on has not gone. It’s clear, all because he didn’t write it. Someone else's doing well ... are you laughing? (Another loser? And here are the figurines! His vocation, outlet and talent are to spoil on the forums. He knows a lot, he will shut up a newbie for sure. Well ... he’s amusing himself. We would really make an art director, wherever he takes time to to please the soul?) So far, he simply writes “art director” on business cards. And if they believe, this is already a lot.

    4. Art director (real).

    He is rightArt Director. Western model. Not “becoming a drummer general” (as, by the way, it is extremely rare), but a real talented sissy. He graduated from the Department of Design in ... (Boston? Stockholm?) His design ideal is a yellow square on a gray background. Side view. To the left of the dots connected by a dotted line. Its main quality is to smile contemptuously in time. What magically makes the client feel like a stupid butcher (and pay the yellow one without disputes), the designer is guilty of cringing and going to remodel, and women (no, he's not blue) are falling in love without memory.

    5. Coarse creator .

    He is not dressed badly. But it’s strange. And it smells the same ... They say that once, in the presence of the Chief, he spat on a piece of paper of whatman with pink chewing gum, wrote the word “menu” next to him and lit up thoughtfully. The site came out just excellent. And there, thanks from the big uncles, thanks (voiced, brilliant), and from the fish in social networks - respect with respect. True, he is not a talker. But something like that will draw ... Mandatory Ibiza (sometimes India, less often - Amsterdam) several times a year - and he is again like a cucumber. In the sense - green and full of narcotic impressions.

    6. Creative consultant .

    It can be found in the most incredible places. In the sense that in such places, horses, Indians and designers are usually not allowed. And he can. And no wonder. A suit of special gloss, magic thin Japanese glasses hovering over the bridge of his nose ... He puts the glass with the deliciously expensive cognac in his other hand, lazily looks at the glossy "project" lying on the table between him and the oligarch (whose name everyone knows, there’s no reason to call) and says: "Thumbs up." And in an hour it’s already flying across the ocean, to another glass of cognac, to say another “not bad”. “Design” in the mundane sense of the word, he did not know how, and does not know how. What for?

    I think the list of these portraits can be continued qualitatively. There is also a “ designer-businessman ”, “ creative-adventurer ”, “freelancer-odnostanochka "and many all sorts of different. We all started in different ways and go to different goals. It is important that the picture of the target, free or involuntary, is in front of the eyes.

    Disputes, screams and (as an option) confession - in the comments on the original publication .

    PS: The seventh portrait is me, a designer who can’t count .

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