Piwik 1.7

    A new version of Piwik has been released briefly:

    Piwik is an open source web analytics program. He is the successor to the phpMyVisites that has now ceased to exist.

    There is also a system of modules and plugins for the best result and performance.

    • New Web Analytics Report (Loyalty and Recency)
    • Better performance when tracking hundreds and thousands of websites
    • Improved PDF / HTML reports
    • Usability improved (layouts of panel changes, metric areas on graphs)

    Here are some screenshots.

    Summary graph:

    Browser indicators:

    Several indicators on the graph:

    Download and read in more detail here http://piwik.org .

    PS I’ll add on my own that I really liked the system compared to competitors. A more pleasant and intuitive interface, speed and reliability of the data. The only problem was the change of three hosting services due to the gluttony of the program. But thereby she helped me find a hosting that meets modern requirements.

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