The first impression of the iPhone

    The main minus - as I said already, the accuracy of the set is provided by the dictionary. It’s unrealistic to type on translate, it turns out megly clueless and you retype one word five times. Plus, the dictionary itself substitutes the option by pressing the space bar, that is, each time it must be canceled.

    When dialing a couple of times there were also plugs with a hit.

    Apple brutally warmed everyone - people took turns in a few days (and tried to sell a place). I took 3 hours and was about 250th, went through half an hour. Now, an hour later, there is no longer any queue, only a crowd of people. All had enough phones, all is well. We must pay tribute to the cool - at the entrance to the store stood employees and clapped in and congratulated them that they had stood and could take an “iPhone”.

    When buying, you do not need anything but money, as everyone already knows - the purchase of the contract occurs later.

    There may be a slot for a SIM card - which is on top - BUT it does not open with your hands (there is a hole in it, maybe you need to hook something). The menu also does not have an item, such as selecting a network as in a regular phone. On the left side is the volume control key and such a cool switch, which includes silent or normal modes.

    The vibra is mediocre, melodies through the surrounding noise of the crowd are not heard.

    If the phone is flipped in landscape mode (horizontally), then the keyboard takes up the whole screen and the buttons become larger (square) - it becomes more convenient to type, but with your thumbs you still can’t translate, you need to poke your index finger.

    Standard tunes are quite interesting. But, as I said, not very loud, and the speaker too. I tried to call Russia, as I understand it, they said it was forbidden from this number, but I understood it intuitively, I didn’t hear anything ... The

    screen is clear, but it’s not critical, it will be noticeable only in the sun.

    The Internet didn’t work out in detail, it’s the network, but Gmail opens fine, so it’s great with javascripts ... multi-window, multi-tasking ...

    In general ... if you want to buy an iPod video for 250 bucks, then perhaps you should add another 250-300 and buy an iPhone Then you will get a more fashionable iPod, plus the Internet and a dialer.

    Alexey Pakhomov (Umniks). San Francisco, USA.

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