Future Scanner: Digg Clone Predicts the Future

    Every day, new Digg clones appear on the Internet, but very few of them deserve attention. The Future Scanner website definitely stands out from the crowd. It was created to ... predict the future through voting.

    This makes sense: history has repeatedly shown that it is precisely those inventions that are supposed to be most in demand, whose ideas are in the air, which are described in science fiction literature, that are often being implemented. The work of scientists is not subordinate to random lot, but to the collective unconscious of humanity. For example, choosing the topics of their scientific works, future scientists can read science fiction works and predictions of the future, such as on the Future Scanner website.

    Future Scanner sets the task not so much to determine the future, but ratherfeel for it. The stories are structured by year and thematic categories (biotechnology, culture, government, etc.). A systematic approach allows us to call this resource the first full-fledged web platform on the Internet for exploring the future. via TechCrunch

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