Patent Trolls award $ 5,000 for anonymous critic

    The blogger-lawyer from The Patent Troll Tracker website brought to the handle professional "patent trolls" whose business is to buy patents and file lawsuits against companies that violate these patents. One of the most respected “patent trolls”, Rei Niro from Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro, even awarded a reward for any information that helps establish the blogger’s name. “I can’t even imagine why Ray Niro needed to recognize my identity,” writes the anonymous hero . “A reward has never been awarded to my head.”

    Over time on The Patent Troll Tracker websitepublished a detailed analysis of patent cases, mainly in the field of high technology. Here, not a single idiotic lawsuit, not a single absurd patent is missed, and Ray Niro, as an outstanding representative of his profession, receives special attention. When reading a blog, the idea inevitably arises that this theater of the absurd should be dispersed as quickly as possible with the help of patent reform.

    And so, the “patent trolls” launched a counterattack with the usual weapons - packs of money. Ray Niro from Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro threatens to sue his opponent, and ... for patent infringement 5,253,341 (transfer of pictures in .jpg format from a website to a user's computer, PDF patent, such a patent can sue any website). The success of these strange actions raises great doubts, and the hype with the award only exposes Niro in an unsightly form.

    via Techdirt

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