Creative advertising. Part 2

    A few more pictures from the same series: :)))
    To whom a big cup of coffee :)))

    Do not select beer !!!

    Continuation of the first advertisement;)

    A kind of advertisement ...

    I don’t know what is advertising (advertising of a fitness center), but they only ride in this subway, they read newspapers during training :)))

    I don’t know who this advertisement is for, but it looks cool :)) )

    Another continuation of the topic, even tougher :)

    Weak? :) It’s called play out :)

    The same topic ... I

    really liked it :))))))

    Condom advertising (men's ads;))

    That's what you can play out :))))

    Always cocacola ...

    Condom advertising, in Russia such in the near future will not be :) (posters)

    Creative advertising of washing powder :)

    If there is still, throw;)

    Also popular now: