Literature on Habré.

    Hey. I believe that a large number of smart people hang on the hub People of quite different interesting professions. No, of course it's mostly geeks from IT departments ;) But there are others. In other matters, this is not important, another is important: after all, many of you read IT books of a different nature. => I

    propose to open a topic dedicated to books, where we can advise each other books on various topics, or simply describe briefly those books that impressed us.

    I, in obedience to the advice of one good ZhZshnik, thus acquired the book "Professional PHP Programming". The book is by George Schlossneigl, a man whose work can be found in the core of PHP, as well as in the repositories of the PEAR and PECL extensions. I read somewhere else that it was he who developed mod_php for Apache.

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