Ubuntu documentation and all-all-all

    imageThe New Year is approaching, to which I so much wanted to realize and do a lot, but alas, many plans were not destined to come true.

    Nevertheless, something nevertheless happened and was created, sometimes by itself, sometimes with the participation of someone. And, summing up the results of the outgoing year, I want to touch on a little bit about what we managed to do as part of a very sluggish, but still quite popular ubuntu.ru project .

    Quietly and almost imperceptibly, at some point, the resource help.ubuntu.ru arose out of nowhere . After quite a leisurely testing, various discussions of the structure and device, it turned out that everything was fine, but there was one annoying technical problem, and therefore the opening of the resource with fireworks and champagne did not take place.

    Nevertheless, help.ubuntu.ruis in working condition, it even has rules, a structure has been developed, and so on, and even the first independent article editors are already appearing besides your humble servant and a couple more involved activists. What can not but rejoice.

    Strictly speaking, I really hope that in the end it will be possible to attract a sufficient amount of attention to this resource and to collect on it a sufficient amount of relevant Russian-language documentation on Ubuntu. If you are tired of constant yawning on blogs and forums in search of answers to your questions, maybe you will do a good deed and help others by posting the solutions found on our wiki ?;) Well, as always, I personally really want to hear as many practical suggestions as possible and as much constructive criticism as possible about the resource as a whole. In the end, writing your opinion will not be difficult, but I personally am pleased :)

    Beginner's Guide

    And finally, at some point, I got tired that the Internet has 1.5 complete guides for beginners specifically on Ubuntu, and even they sin with some problems, so in the evening, over the cup of tea, another educational creation was born, which can be found on help.ubuntu.ru / manual (of course I mumbled, not a manual;))

    The purpose and task of all this was approximately the following: to write the most comprehensive Ubuntu manual for the user with as little use of the console as possible. That is, I wanted to explain in an accessible form all the features of Linux, but without any dancing with configs and a terminal.

    I really hope that in the current form the guide is already quite applicable for real training, nevertheless, most of all I want to hear suggestions and comments on the merits, because I clearly see that not everything is good and much needs to be corrected.

    As an announcement, further development plans for all of this are roughly the following:

    • First, you need to complete the manual page template, fix some screenshots and fill in Orphus. But problems with hosting prevent it from being implemented.
    • Then, in the immediate plans to make a pdf version of the manual, but my laziness and my ignorance of LaTeX already interfere.
    • I would really like to replace the stupid current wiki template with something more beautiful and convenient, at some point even a designer was formed, but then disappeared somewhere, which is a pity.
    • Well, most of all I want a good content for the entire wiki. But here it is not so much depends on me;)

    But the most important thing, for the sake of which I am actually writing this short note, is that if you suddenly by chance want to help with any part of the ubuntu.ru site, then feel free to contact me at least. You don’t even need to contact for the sake of editing, it is open to all forum.ubuntu.ru members ;)

    PS By the way, this year Russian LoCo received official status, the ubuntu.ru project appeared on Launchpad (there is even a bugtracker there, well, there are source codes why), meetings of various Russian-speaking teams began to be held, etc. etc.

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