Solar Impulse aircraft to fly from Brussels to Paris

    This aircraft, as previously written, works thanks to the solar panels mounted on the wings. Despite the apparent strange design, it is quite reliable - in any case, it was this aircraft that recently made an international flight from Switzerland to Belgium . In addition, Solar Impulse previously lasted more than 26 hours in the air, proving the reliability of its design and the ability to fly at night - the energy accumulated during the day is more than enough.

    Of course, departure is possible only in sunny weather, and just today in Belgium such weather. Now the plane is flying from Brussels to Paris. Yesterday, the plane also took off, but there were some problems, and the pilot decided to return. Today, Solar Impulse should take off, unless, of course, the weather is sunny.

    The flight should end in Le Bourget, at 23.00 Moscow time. Here the team will leave its brainchild until June 20, when the opening of the International Aviation and Space Salon takes place. Of course, this project will be a "highlight" at the upcoming event.

    It is interesting that the developers set themselves a very serious goal - to fly around the globe on this plane, having traveled around the world. Such a flight, according to the designers, will be possible in 2013-2014, after the design of the Solar Impulse will be improved and finalized. But even now, the "solar" plane shows excellent results.

    The flight of the aircraft and the operation of the operations center in real time can be monitored on the project website .

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