Lecture "Video Games as a New Type of Media"

    On Habr there is only one blog about games, so I am announcing a lecture here. On June 16, a lecture “Video Games as a New Media Type: Impact on Cinema” will be held. Reads it to the notorious Khabrovites Igor Kolomiets.

    Igor Kolomiets writes about games for a long time and is unusual: he previously led columns on Look At Me and in the FHM magazine, and now he writes about game mechanics on Theory & Practice. At the same time, he works for Piston Games, where he researches and develops ways to create fun and addictive games.

    Kolomiyets will tell why video games are the most important type of media and by what rules they work; how the development of igrostroeniya and narrative techniques of games affect the movie; and what to expect from this industry in the near future.

    Among the topics of the lecture:
    - sex, violence and appropriate censorship in games, game addiction;
    - author's games: is there a game "arthouse" and in what direction it is moving;
    - plot and freedom of action in games: their conflict and complementarity;
    - narration in games and in movies.

    The lecture will take place on June 16 at 20:00. The site in Moscow is being specified (register, let us know in the newsletter). Admission is free, you must register here .

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