- Very embarrassing!

    Prowling from boredom over the Internet, I suddenly entered into Google “iPicture ScreenShooter” in order to see the distribution of my program with the above name, written for the recently bummed project and thereby slightly raise my FAQ and mood. Among the many warez and news sites that made copy-paste from my article on Habré, I found a forum where someone pointed to an analogue of my program for the service.
    Since the ipiccher does not work at the moment and is unlikely to work again, I thought it would be nice to download their analogue and start using it, thereby replacing the missing screenshot. As a result, their program was downloaded and installed.

    After starting the client to download images, I saw something painfully familiar. The client turned out to be very similar to something in between, between iPicture ImageUploader and ScreenShooter (you can see it here ). Well, I thought, they probably liked my design, and they decided to copy it, with whom it does not happen. Later, I noticed that their client was also written on the internet and could not resist setting the reflector on it. And what did I see ...

    I think that to explain that the code is the same and just stolen, it makes no sense, this is understandable.
    However, there is one important thing that I want to say to the person who borrowed my code: you x * y! you should be extremely ashamed of such an act, it is unethical.
    In addition, you stole an extremely buggy and crooked code, adding to it your stupid glitches. I then wrote this code in fenotropilovym fumes during the winter session, just not to work matan. Therefore, I can write such code, you can’t! And I also want to say that your version of my program is inconvenient. Perhaps this is all I wanted to say.

    I hope my fastpeak guys will see my post of anger, and they will be very ashamed, because this is not good.

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