SAP announces CodeJam and invites code together

    SAP is one of the 5 largest software companies in the world. This obliges a lot, in particular, to the fact that knowledge must be shared. What we planned to do as part of a series of Moscow Codjams. We start at 10 a.m. and go to coding for 5-6 hours under the guidance of our foreign experts (of course, with breaks to eat and chat).

    We are waiting:
    1. students - March 31 and April 1
    2. more experienced representatives of the programming world - April 2

    What to try:
    1. Real-time Big Data Processing (SAP HANA)
    2. Graphic Interface - Fashionable and Convenient (SAP UI5)
    3. Data visualization to isolate meaning from them (SAP Lumira)

    Working language: English
    Bring your own device!

    Address: Moscow, metro Paveletskaya, Kosmodamianskaya embankment, 52/5, floor 3, from the elevator to the right.

    Admission is free upon registration :
    March 31
    April 1 April

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