Conferences for developers with video presentations

    For development, you need to keep up to date, and a good place to learn something new and gain valuable experience is conferences and master classes. So I decided to collect some significant conferences and their video channels with speeches. I tried not to include small conferences that are too distant from programming (for PM and marketing), or that do not upload videos.

    Unfortunately some conferences
    • order third-party people who post everything on their channel along with other conferences or personal trash;
    • embed in your site without the possibility of sharing, and sometimes even completely turnkey or with payment;
    • do not spread materials even three years ago;
    • do not care about the quality of the video - a dark room, the presentation is completely invisible, there is no editing, there is a problem with the sound, inaudible questions, etc.

    It’s clear that the organizers have their own business model and capabilities, but I want to unify and motivate the organizers to treat the reports and their authors with respect, upload videos over time, synchronize with slides.
    With videoNo normal video


    WEB / GeneralPhpJava
    Useful corporate and so on. dev channels

    Subscribe to the channels and leave in the comments what I missed.

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